The Continued Growth and Expansion of Amazon

It is no surprise that one of the most impactful global companies is yet again making the headlines. Amazon is continuing to grow and diversify, poised to make an even bigger impact on the global economy in the coming years. The scope of Amazon’s reach has moved exponentially into other businesses in the last several years, and they have no [...]

By |2022-10-27T20:50:16+00:00October 27, 2022|Global Economy|

Over the Edge in a Barrel of Oil

The production of oil has always been a sticking point throughout the world. The price of oil fluctuates depending on how much is produced, which causes turbulence in the global market. And speaking of turbulence, the areas of the world where oil often comes from are not known as the most stable places on the planet, which adds to the [...]

By |2022-10-21T02:38:13+00:00October 21, 2022|Global Economy|

Trust Issues Send Chinese Investors Overseas

Even as China is locked down in hopes of curbing the outbreaks of Covid-19 in their nation, an interesting phenomenon is occurring regarding the economy. China is changing the way it looks at foreign investments, as the number of people with money in the country increases, and their faith in the safety of investing in their own nation decreases. This [...]

By |2022-04-29T17:32:26+00:00April 29, 2022|Global Economy|
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