Farewell to The World’s Best Restaurant

In a world that certainly appreciates a good meal, fine dining has been all the rage for years. But at what price? When so-called gastro tourists travel the world to spend $500 on a multi course tasting menu, can that be reconciled with how labor intensive and unsustainable that entire culinary undertaking is? More and more stories are coming to [...]

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2023: A New Year to Extinguish Last Year’s Fire

As the year draws to a close, and 2023 is on the horizon ready to be experienced, it is natural to want to peek into the future to see what is in store for the new year. Although no one has a crystal ball that can foretell the future, there is a good chance that the beginning of the new [...]

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Grit and Grace on the World Stage

In a year that has seen many twists and turns, one unfortunate constant throughout most of the year has been the war in Ukraine. This David and Goliath story continues to fascinate the attention of the world, especially since Goliath refuses to capitulate to the Russian war machine. The reason? The indomitable spirit and unmistakable charisma of one man: Vlodoymyr [...]

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Planting New Roots as Immigrants

While the United States is still battling it out about what to do with the myriad of immigrants that cross the border, flying some to New England and bussing others to random locations, immigrants are busy doing business in found countries around the globe. Interestingly, the United Kingdom has a very different take on immigrants. Rather than being shuffled around [...]

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