The Uneven Playing Field Continues

The crowds. The chants. The fans. The jerseys. The loyalty that never dies. Check out any soccer stadium around the world and the crowd is going wild for their favorite players. But for a sport that is so famous around the world, there is one element of soccer that cannot be understood: the disparity between the paychecks for women’s and [...]

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Female Soccer Players Finally Shown Their Worth

After what seems like forever, the U.S. Soccer Federation announced last week that it has finally decided to pay the U.S. Men’s National Team and the U.S. Women’s National Team equally after a longstanding pay gap. And now that the ink has dried on the deal, young girls throughout the country can dream big on the soccer field, knowing they [...]

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Football Ownership Abroad: Friend or Folly?

The importance of football in Great Britain is known around the globe. But what to many is a tradition written in stone is now being chiseled away, one team at a time, as foreign investors are becoming owners of storied teams in the English Premier League. Investors see this as a chance to make money, but football purists are worried [...]

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