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I like to spend my time giving back with organizations that focus on mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. I have supported after school programs that focus on entrepreneurial and global initiatives in local primary schools. I recently extended my mentoring to include students at Case Western Reserve University.

Happy Holidays From the Sky

As retail stores and online retailers get ready for the holiday rush that begins in earnest on Black Friday, they are faced with a conundrum that few had anticipated. Instead of spending their money on gifts and goods this year, many American consumers are headed more toward travel and experiences. After the pandemic forced everyone into their homes for years, [...]

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Planting New Roots as Immigrants

While the United States is still battling it out about what to do with the myriad of immigrants that cross the border, flying some to New England and bussing others to random locations, immigrants are busy doing business in found countries around the globe. Interestingly, the United Kingdom has a very different take on immigrants. Rather than being shuffled around [...]

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The Continued Growth and Expansion of Amazon

It is no surprise that one of the most impactful global companies is yet again making the headlines. Amazon is continuing to grow and diversify, poised to make an even bigger impact on the global economy in the coming years. The scope of Amazon’s reach has moved exponentially into other businesses in the last several years, and they have no [...]

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Over the Edge in a Barrel of Oil

The production of oil has always been a sticking point throughout the world. The price of oil fluctuates depending on how much is produced, which causes turbulence in the global market. And speaking of turbulence, the areas of the world where oil often comes from are not known as the most stable places on the planet, which adds to the [...]

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Witnessing the Chaos in Iran

As a rule, Iran is not known for being very peaceful, but in the past few weeks, chaos reigns as demonstrators have filled the streets to speak out against the Iranian leaders who are terrorizing the country, and especially the young women of the country. The world has been glued to these protests in Iran, outraged by the deaths of [...]

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Developers or Mother Nature to Blame for Hurricane Ian’s Destruction?

The country has not seen a hurricane as devastating as Ian in many years. And as though dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature and her destructive ways weren’t enough, Hurricane Ian landed in an area of Southwest Florida that had been previously manipulated by greedy developers just trying to make a buck. Anytime a hurricane reaches winds of 150 [...]

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The Reincarnation of Mussolini’s Views in Italy

After decades of progressive and liberal agendas, it is time for a changing of the guard in Italy. Not since the time of Mussolini has this type of party risen to power in Italy. Certain countries are becoming very polarized after years of forward thinking, and on Sunday, Italy proved that it is one of them by voting Giorgia Meloni, [...]

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The Uneven Playing Field Continues

The crowds. The chants. The fans. The jerseys. The loyalty that never dies. Check out any soccer stadium around the world and the crowd is going wild for their favorite players. But for a sport that is so famous around the world, there is one element of soccer that cannot be understood: the disparity between the paychecks for women’s and [...]

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Seven Decades of Duty and Grace Come to an End

The world reacted passionately last week to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in England’s 1,000 year history, and a woman well-known around the world. With her characteristic grace and humor, she led her country through 70 years of changes, many of which could have never even been imagined before as the world around her changed drastically. [...]

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From Cold War to Cold Reception: The Legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev

With all the turmoil coming out of Russia in the past months, including war, sanctions, and agricultural hold-ups, the country finds itself in the news once again, this time for a much different reason. Last week was the end of an era, with the death of a man who was integral to the politics of the Soviet Union. Surprisingly, there [...]

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