Happy Holidays From the Sky

As retail stores and online retailers get ready for the holiday rush that begins in earnest on Black Friday, they are faced with a conundrum that few had anticipated. Instead of spending their money on gifts and goods this year, many American consumers are headed more toward travel and experiences. After the pandemic forced everyone into their homes for years, [...]

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Experts Warn Inflation is Here to Stay

The citizens of the United States are feeling the pinch. It only takes a quick trip to the grocery store these days to feel overwhelmed by the high prices of all of your favorite foods. Feeding a family has become quite a challenge, and that is not to mention all of the other daily expenses that have gone up, such [...]

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Don’t Just Sit There: Do Something

You would have to be living under a proverbial rock to not have a sense of all of the uncertainty in the economy right now. From pandemic to endemic, Ukraine War to decimated supply chain, the entire world is just looking for some ordinary time. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen anytime soon. Although economists are divided on whether [...]

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Deflated Economy Still Offers Corporate Wins

Something is not adding up. The Fed is grim. The citizens are worried. And all the quiet voices in the corner are screaming recession. And yet, at the end of the day, some of the country’s biggest companies are raking in cash. With all that the United States has been through in the last two years, there is definitely a [...]

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The Housing Market: Welcome to Crazy Town

If you were trying to buy or sell a house over the last two years, you know firsthand how turbulent the housing market has been. Sellers were regularly getting more than asking price, often much more. Buyers were putting in bid after bid to no avail. Inspections were waived, all-cash offers were popular, and there was a general sense of [...]

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Dreams Become Dust as Job Offers Evaporating

Imagine being offered your dream job, whether you are getting your first adult job or leaving a toxic environment in which you already work. Interviews have been aced, bags have been packed, the good news has been shared with friends and family. But then suddenly, before you even start your new gig, it is over before it starts. After months [...]

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Bullish Private Equity and Hedge Funds Keep Investors in the Game

It is no secret that the economic world is in chaos. From burgeoning gas prices to nearly untenable prices at the grocery store or car lot, Americans are finding it more difficult than ever to make ends meet. And what about their carefully created stock portfolios that they have been saving for a rainy day? They are losing money, of [...]

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Economic Storm in the U.S. Continues

For U.S. households that own stocks, the first quarter of 2022 was a landmine. The stock market plummeted $3T, leaving many investors in the dust, especially those who heavily favored tech stocks. There is no secret that inflation is taking a choke hold on the country. The sticker shock at the pump and increased food prices have taken a toll [...]

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U.S. Inflation Response Lags

With inflation topping nearly 8% around the world, global citizens continue to reel from the effects of the pandemic, the supply chain woes, and rising prices. Nowhere is the price increase felt more acutely than at the gas pump. But while the European countries have developed specific plans to bolster their common citizens during these economic troubles, the Biden Administration [...]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Gone are the days of people retiring from a company where they had worked faithfully for forty or fifty years. In this global, technological economy, that is just not feasible. Within the recent tumultuous job market, many employees have jumped ship for better pay, as businesses struggle to get and retain employees. But with the tides turning and a recession [...]

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