Adnan Zai Explains the Significance of In-Office Workers in Beachwood

Adnan Zai, Advisor to Berkeley Capital located in Beachwood, knows the connections that are created and solidified by working in-person with co-workers in an office. Although many companies were working from home during the pandemic, and then instituted a hybrid model of work after the pandemic waned, more and more companies have recently tried to get workers back in the [...]

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Adnan Zai Recounts Mother’s Day

Adnan Zai, a specialty Advisor-In-Residence to private equity firms, has lived on three continents. But no matter where he has moved or what his job has entailed, he has always kept his mother close in his heart. Although she died in a tragic accident when he was very young, she has profoundly impacted his life and his beliefs. We sat down [...]

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The EU’s Newest Weapon: Oil Sanctions on Russia

As the war in Ukraine drags on, the European Union is picking up arms against Vladimir Putin and his Russian army. Although not using traditional weapons such as tanks, guns, and missiles, the EU is hoping that weaponizing trade and capping the price of oil will aid Ukraine in winning the war before the cold harshness of winter sets in. [...]

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The Whistle Heard Around the World

For a sport so beloved around the world, the beginning of this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament is bringing nothing but controversy. A deal brokered twelve years ago amidst calls of scandal and bribery is still causing trouble now that the tournament has arrived. In addition to the unbearable temperature in Qatar, officials are still worried about corruption and bribery [...]

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Developers or Mother Nature to Blame for Hurricane Ian’s Destruction?

The country has not seen a hurricane as devastating as Ian in many years. And as though dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature and her destructive ways weren’t enough, Hurricane Ian landed in an area of Southwest Florida that had been previously manipulated by greedy developers just trying to make a buck. Anytime a hurricane reaches winds of 150 [...]

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Chaos in the Terminals

We’ve all seen the nerve-wracking images: outlandishly long security lines, piles of luggage that have missed their flights, people sleeping in airport departure areas. The news is filled with stories of missed flights, ruined vacations, and other airline chaos. So what is happening? During Covid when travel was truncated, people were begging to get out and about. But in an [...]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Gone are the days of people retiring from a company where they had worked faithfully for forty or fifty years. In this global, technological economy, that is just not feasible. Within the recent tumultuous job market, many employees have jumped ship for better pay, as businesses struggle to get and retain employees. But with the tides turning and a recession [...]

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